Frequently asked questions

What is the Wonderful Selayar app for?

The Wonderful Selayar app is designed to make your visit to Selayar Island convenient and enjoyable. With it you can:
• Search for and get directions to places of interests, and get the latest events and happenings around the city
• Start your own “Favourites” list of places of interest and let us help you curate your itinerary
• Uncover hidden gems recommended by local residents
• Check out our local food – Eat like a local and snap a picture of any featured food to share with your friends
• Get handy tips on traveller’s essentials
• Look out for upcoming features in future releases.

Do I need mobile data to use the app?

Yes, for a more optimised experience, we recommend that you connect to the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data). As you may be charged by your mobile carrier, please check on the mobile data roaming costs that may be incurred. Alternatively, please visit our Handy Tips here for more information on how to stay connected during your stay.

How is the Wonderful Selayar app different from the Wonderful Selayar website?

The Wonderful Selayar app lets you search, discover and navigate Selayar’s places of interests on the go.

What are the languages available?

The app is currently available in English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

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