Wonderful Selayar
Wonderful Selayar

Liang Kereta

Pasi Island is an island located in the Bontoharu sub-district, Selayar Islands Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This island is located just west of Selayar Island with a distance of ± 1 mile from the Benteng sub-district, the capital city of the Selayar Islands Regency or about 15 minutes by sea. Pasi Island is opposite Gusung Island (located in the northern part of Pasi Island) and is only separated by a small strait called Tarrusang. On this island there are 2 villages, namely the village of Kahu-kahu and the village of Bontoborusu.

Pasi Island is the western outermost island of the Selayar Islands Regency with coordinates 6°10′26.42″S 120°24′25.95″E Coordinates: 6°10′26.42″S 120°24′25.95″E. Around the island is usually used as a location for diving and fishing, especially those leading to the Sulawesi Sea. Some residents use the area on the edge of the island as a pond area for several types of export quality marine fish and types of lobster.
The beaches include:
– Dongkalang Beach
– Liang Tarrusu Beach
– Liang Kareta Beach

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