Liang Kareta

Previous Next Gallery Liang Kareta Location Bontolebang Village a.k.a Gusung island, Bontoharu District, Selayar Island, South Sulawesi – Indonesia. Object Character The beautiful landscape of Liang Kareta is surrounded by two cliffs that look like a gate to open the sea.Fine white sand beach with clear turquoise sea water. The exoticism of the cave as […]

Batu Lohe

Previous Next Video Gallery Batu Lohe Location Balang Butung Village, Buki district, Selayar Island, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Object Character The fantastic view of the beach with fine white sand surrounded by unique rock cliffs resembling the relief of a temple, some people believe the cliffs are deliberately made to resemble Chinese writing as a […]

Nane Hills

Previous Next Nane Hill Location Polassi Village, Bontosikuyu district, Selayar Island, South Sulawesi Indonesia Object Character Nane Hill, also known as Bukit Nane, is a popular tourist destination located in Polassi Island part of Selayar Island Regency. It is a scenic hill that offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the lush greenery, […]

Pinang Beach

Previous Next Pinang Beach Location Lowa Village, Bontosikuyu district, Selayar Island, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Object Character This tourist attraction, which is known for its fine white sand beaches 2km, presents tourists with the best photo spot and sunbathing, also the best underwater spot for snorkeling and diving Access approximately one hour from Benteng by […]

Puncak Tanadoang

Puncak Tanadoang Keindahan alam dan potensi Pariwisata Kabupaten Kepulauan Selayar memang tidak ada habisnya untuk diekspolre. Selain terkenal dengan keindahan bawah lautnya yang mendunia serta wisata bahari yang tidak kalah ciamik, Kabupaten Kepulauan Seayar juga memiliki wisata alam agro yang cukup Indah untuk dikunjungi. Puncak Tanadoang, lokasi wisata ini sekarang lagi hitz dikalangan anak muda […]


Previous Next Punagaan Location Punagaan Beach is located in Patilereng Village, Bontosikuyu District, about 15 km from Benteng City, the capital of the Selayar Islands. Punagaan Beach is a tourist attraction located on the East Coast of Selayar Island, the largest island in the administrative area of ​​the Selayar Islands. Object Character Punagaan Beach is […]

Balojaha Cave

Balojaha Cave More Destination Tinabo Island Liang Kareta 1 Tour Batu Lohe Nane Hills 1 Tour Pinang Beach 1 Tour Puncak Tanadoang 1 Tour Punagaan 1 Tour Balojaha Cave 1 Tour Tambolongan Beach 1 Tour Bone Bakka dan Bone Kiddi 1 Tour Liang Lipang 1 Tour Makam Karang & Bunging 1 Tour Bahuluang Island 1 […]

Tambolongan Beach

Tambolongan Beach More Destination Makam Karang & Bunging Liang Lipang Bone Bakka dan Bone Kiddi Bahuluang Island Tambolongan Beach Balojaha Cave Makam Karang & Bunging Liang Lipang Bone Bakka dan Bone Kiddi Bahuluang Island Tambolongan Beach Balojaha Cave Stories, tips, and guides TRAVEL Selayar Island Selayar Island Pristine White Beaches and Traces of a Glorious… […]

Bone Bakka dan Bone Kiddi

Bone Bakka & Kiddi Bone means sand, bakka means big, and kiddi means small. If Lombok has a very famous pink beach, then Bahuluang village also has a stretch of white sand mixed with pink so this beach looks light pink from a distance. This beach is very suitable as a photo spot that is […]

Liang Lipang

Liang Lipang / Goa Liang Lipang with the charm of the beauty of the cave which has a unique stalactite arrangement that is so wide that it spoils the eye is complemented by a stretch of white sand that is directly opposite the crystal clear blue sea water and can be used as a snorkeling […]