Punagaan Beach is located in Patilereng Village, Bontosikuyu District, about 15 km from Benteng City, the capital of the Selayar Islands. Punagaan Beach is a tourist attraction located on the East Coast of Selayar Island, the largest island in the administrative area of ​​the Selayar Islands.

Object Character

Punagaan Beach is a tourist spot in the form of a bay, where part of the beach is an area with gray sand, and the other part is a cliff with clear water. Several facilities are available at this location, such as a gazebo, rinse and changing room, clean water, and the main building with space for meeting and meeting activities.

Not far from Punagaan Beach there is also Ngapaloka Beach with almost the same character. Still, on Ngapaloka Beach there are settlements, allowing tourists to witness the daily routines of residents. The best activity in these two locations is snorkeling. In this tourist attraction, there are also marine rides such as banana boats, kayaks, and paddles.


From Kota Benteng, visitors can travel using two wheels or four wheels. Access to and from Punagaan Beach, some climbing with several turns. Travel time from Kota Benteng is about 20 to 30 minutes.

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