Batu Lohe


Balang Butung Village, Buki district, Selayar Island, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Object Character

The fantastic view of the beach with fine white sand surrounded by unique rock cliffs resembling the relief of a temple, some people believe the cliffs are deliberately made to resemble Chinese writing as a sign of the anchoring of merchant ships in the past. Tourists are able to get the best backdrop photos in this place, and also enjoy the underwater view by snorkeling or diving


20 minutes by boat from Langsangiring beach, Bontona Saluk Village, Bontomatekne district.
15 minutes by motorcycle or trekking for 1 hour  from Balang Butung Village (more safety and for trekking travelers)

Info : due to the roads are extremely dangerous, we recommend for using services a local guide

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